Want to know how China Factory Sourcing can help you import from China more easily and profitably? Check out our list of helpful FAQ's right here.

How It Works FAQ's

Why should you use China Factory Sourcing?
Importing from China without having your own presence on the ground here is very risky! We regularly get calls from people who have been cheated by some supplier they have found online through trade website. Having sent their payment by western union or T/T these suppliers simply disappear. They contact us to ask if we can help by trying to contact these suppliers. We try and help, but in most cases it is too late!
Dealing with Chinese suppliers is a difficult job which most don't have the time or expertise to handle. Buying direct from a factory in China means that you are responsible for your own quality control, testing, Chinese customs export taxes, logistics and more.
China Factory Sourcing become your eyes and ears on the ground, looking after your interests as if they were our own. Once a factory knows you have a presence in China and they are being regularly contacted in Mandarin Chinese by your China Factory Sourcing account manager their quality of product and customer services communication drastically improves.
Exporting from China can be extremely profitable. But why take any unnecessary risks?
Make China Factory Sourcing your partners in China today!

What products can we source for you?
CFS can help you to find any products that are made in China. Or if you require your own products to be custom manufactured, we will find the best factories for your exact needs.
Whatever products you require, contact us today and we will find them for you!

If you have already found a supplier, can we still help you?
Yes, of course. Many people contact us after they have found a supplier. We help them to verify their supplier, arrange safe payments, create contracts, quality control and arrange all their shipping and logistics needs.
We offer order consolidation services if you buy from multiple suppliers. Products from your different suppliers can be sent to our 10,000sq foot warehouse in Shenzhen, Southern China. We then combine them into 1 shipment, thus saving you both time and money!

What are the costs?
Unlike other sourcing companies, China Factory Sourcing does not charge any membership fees. We charge a simple commission on all orders of between 5% - 8.5% depending on the value of your order.
By using our Chinese speaking staff to negotiate with factories on your behalf, you can often save between 3 to 10% on previously quoted prices. That means that there could be no costs to you what-so-ever for using our services!

How much will shipping cost?
There is no way to know the exact cost of shipping until your order has been completed. For full container loads it may be possible to calculate prices from a port in China to your destination port, your account manager will be happy to advise you of the current costs for these services.
China Factory Sourcing can offer you a wide variety of shipping services including:

For full details of our logistics services please visit: www.parcelfromchina.com

Who are China Factory Sourcing and how did we start?
Noel Murphy and Ouyang Ke started their first company together www.parcelfromchina.com in 2009, this was to serve international customers who needed logistics and fulfillment services from China.
Very soon there were getting inquiries from customers asking for help with their sourcing. Others were calling and emailing who had had been scammed and cheated by rogue traders on websites like Alibaba.com and made-in-china.com. So in mid 2010 China Factory Sourcing was born.
In the beginning sourcing was only offered to existing shipping clients, but have since been expanded to offer a full range of export services to clients in 37 countries around the world.
Ouyang Ke has a degree in logistics and is also a certified ISO9001 quality control inspector. He has a number of year experience in the Chinese logistics industry working for various large companies.
Noel Murphy has over 25 years of experience in the logistics sectors. He has worked throughout the UK & Ireland  and has been involved in trade from China for over 5 years and living here full-time  for 3 years.
Together they have grown the 2 companies and now employ 20 staff at our offices in Minzhi Town, Bao'an and warehouse in Nanshan, Shenzhen.
For more information, please checkout our About Us page.

How does Q.C. Work?
One of our key services to overseas buyers in China is Quality Control. Before you buy and ship your products to your own country, you need to know these products are of the quality and specifications that you require.
Its not much use phoning your supplier once your goods have arrived in the US, UK or Australia and telling them the items are not what you ordered. At that stage once they have been paid they couldn't really care.
But with QC from China Factory Sourcing you can rest easy!
We have a number of quality control services available where we can check your items during production and also before they are shipped from the factory. This will ensure you get exactly what you ordered.
To learn more about these services, go to www.chinafactorysourcing.com/Quality-Control

How do I know I can trust China Factory Sourcing?
That is a very good question! China Factory Sourcing are registered in China and the UK.
Government stamped copies of our company license and registered capital are available, along with details of our 8 trading licenses and UK business registration.
We will also be happy to supply references and contact details from many of our satisfied customers.

Do we have a minimum order limit?
Generally most of our customers order between $5000 to $10,000 per order. But we do have smaller customers who order as little as $1000USD at a time, so contact us today and we can tailor a package that suits your needs.
Of course the above orders do not account for samples, we are happy to help you order and arrange shipping for whatever samples you require from your suppliers or to compare factories quality.

How do I find out more?
Please have a good look through our website as we try and answer most of the most common questions we receive here.
Should you have any other questions, then please email, phone or Skype us and we will be happy to help with whatever information you require.

I need to get products custom manufactured in China, can CFS help?
China Factory Sourcing can use our network of contacts in China to find a manufacturer for almost any type of product. Your experienced account manager will be happy to help and guide you through the process of arranging custom manufacturing with your selected factory.
Your account manager can also act as your interpreter to explain your exact requirements and product details to the factory in Chinese.

I want to come to China and check out some factories myself!
If you wish to come to china and check out some factories, we can help you arrange every step of your visit. This will help to make your time spent in China as effective as possible.
Before you leave home, your account manager will supply you with a pre-qualified list of verified factories suitable to your needs. Once you arrive in China we can arrange airport pickup, hotels, travel within China, translators and anything else you might need.
This will cover anything you require on your stay here and you may be surprised what this might include! We had a customer call us and ask us to call the local McDonald's and deliver food to his hotel room, as you can see we can cover every aspect of your trip.

I need to order goods from multiple suppliers, can you help?
Yes, certainly. We can arrange for your products from various suppliers to be sent to our warehouse in Shenzhen. From here our team can consolidate your multiple items into 1 complete order for shipping by sea, air or express.
We offer a complete network of road and air transport across China, this can be used to collect your goods from your various suppliers and sent to our Shenzhen HUB. So whether you need to send a few boxes or a number of pallets we can arrange all your transport within China.


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