5 Common Mistakes in Logistics You Need To Avoid

While there are a lot of shipping and logistics mistakes made by businesses, these errors are often easily identified and corrected. Here are the five common shipping mistakes you need to avoid

Being informative of all the shipping process with the different couriers is a must for all business owners, whether small or big. However, there are numerous factors to think of that controls how fast, reliable and cost-effective their product travels from bonded warehouses like China Factory Sourcing   to client’s doorstep, or how the delivery impacted on customer’s satisfactions.
While there are a lot of shipping and logistics mistakes made by businesses, these errors are often easily identified and corrected. Here are the five common shipping mistakes you need to avoid:
1.  Wrong Shipping Method
         You need to put into considerations the Urgency of delivery, its destinations and the budget. It’s good to have a good bargain at a cheapest shipping rate but cheaper isn’t always better. Regular mail cost less than other shipping method but it can’t be easily track. If you’re shipping a larger quantities of products, same problems arise because some shipping companies doesn’t have a tracking method and does not provide an exemplary services like the one that charges a bit higher. So when choosing how you shipped your products, make sure to think of the costs and the reliability of the shipping company you have chosen.
2.  Standard Packaging Not Meet
         Make sure to pack your items one by one with bubble wrap to ensure the safety of it. Take an extra care for the fragile and breakable items, place it in the centre and pack the box tightly and full to prevent movement and damages of item.
         To be stress free packing, you may ask the shipping company to pack it for you to ensure your goods are packed exactly as their rules allows to ship.
3.  Shipping without Insurance
         Shipping companies can’t guarantee the 100% protection of your goods because accident may happen. Even if you pack it properly with utmost care, sometimes unfortunate events happen. So it’s wiser to insure your goods as you ship so that when these circumstances happens, you will be able to get back the cost of the goods, atleast you have something back than be sorry and get angry.
4. Underestimating the Cost
         Be sure to research online the proper and cost effective shipping couriers to ship an item or box. Be inform of the shipping rates, the additional charges, door to door delivery rates or for pick up rate for each shipping companies. If you can’t understand, you may contact their customer service to inquire more about these fees. Certain countries have additional taxes and you may end up paying it, so you better be aware of all these fees beforehand. The cost of shipping may depend on the amount of the products being ship, the distance as to where it should be delivered whether it’s being picked up, dropped off or being delivered door to door makes the cost varies.
5.  Shipping Details Not Verified
         Excitement and rushing to shipping process may cost your products not being delivered. It’s tempting to rush it thru but not double checking the information, the shipping details of the receiver especially, may take the product longer to reach it destinations. Double check the address, include your contact number and the receiver’s number for the courier to call for a faster delivery. Know the possible arrival of the goods for you to be aware beforehand.
These are some common difficulty to avoid, mistakes others have made, tips to keep in mind, and otherwise general do's and don'ts of choosing a logistics provider.
Taking these in all consideration before shipping your goods make your shipping experience smoother and stress-free. China Factory Sourcing can provide you with total end- to- end logistics solutions.  You may contact _________________ for better understanding of all their services.


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