Sourcing FAQ's

Want to know how we can help with your product sourcing? We have a wide range of services to suit your exact needs. Check out our FAQ's to find out mo

Sourcing FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

China Factory Sourcing your all-in-one solution when exporting from China.
If you are involved in exporting or any area of international trade you will know it is not uncommon to deal with 3-4 different companies. These figures exclude your supplier!
China Factory Sourcing offers you a complete end-to-end exporting service. We handle ever step in the process for you including sourcing, buying, negotiations, factory verification, quality control, contracts, shipping and logistics.
We will even help you deal with multiple suppliers and consolidate your orders into 1 shipment, saving you time and money!

Improved Communications, Local Understanding.
China Factory Sourcing an extension of your own business. There is nothing better than having your own team on the ground in China. Speaking the language here helps to lower pricing, improve quality, speed up delivery and eliminate many unwanted surprises.
Being in Mainland China allows us to solve any problems that may arise in hours, not days. Chinese factories and the culture involved are very different to what we know in Europe, the US and Australia. The Chinese cultural fear of loosing “Face” often leads to the complete denial of any problems. So don't expect the factory to call you up and tell you there are problems with your order. They must be contacted regularly to make sure everything is running smoothly and on time. In some cases if it is suspected a foreigner is not sincere in their dealings, they are considered fair game to be ripped off.
That is why there is no substitute to having your own presence here in China. At China Factory Sourcing it is our experience and local understanding that ensures you avoid these pitfalls.

How our services work:
We can handle every aspect of your importing from China:

Verify and negotiate with suppliers you have already found.

Many people come to us after they have already found a supplier at a trade fair or through online trade websites. But as you know its one thing to find a supplier – its another to send them a large chunk of your businesses hard earned cash.
We can help you to verify that your supplier is real. Whether they are a factory or a trading company and that they are a registered company with the local government in their area. We will also ensure that they have the relevant certificates required for handling exports and also the return of tax.
Once this has been established, we will negotiate with them on your behalf. Agreeing pricing, delivery times and quality requirements in advance of agreeing contracts. We will ensure everything is done so your orders are delivered on time, at the price agreed and of your specified quality.

Custom Manufacturing

Perhaps you need to find a custom manufacturer for your new product or want to outsource the production of your current products to China. China Factory Sourcing will help you to find a suitable factory with the correct equipment to produce your products. We will also create contracts with the factory to ensure that your intellectual property rights are looked after.
No matter what you require China Factory Sourcing can find the right solution for you!

Multiple products from different suppliers

Maybe you need a number of products from different suppliers in various quantities? This is very common for new companies exporting from China.
Fortunately we are very used scenario to this and have processes in place to make this as easy as possible for you. Your goods can be collected form your different suppliers and shipped to our warehouse in Shenzhen. They will then be consolidated into 1 shipment and shipped to you. This will help greatly to reduce your shipping and handling charges.

Putting the right processes in place.

Don't make some of the most common mistakes when choosing a factory! Many first time buyers believe that if a company has a professional looking website and English speaking staff that they must be a reputable company. This is certainly not the case!
Your chosen factory needs to be questioned, audited, verified and managed through production. China Factory Sourcing cover your bases and make sure everything is written into your contract with the factory. We also only deal with decision makers within the factory on your behalf – not powerless English speaking sales staff.



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