Sales Contracts

Sales contracts are vitally important when dealing with Chinese suppliers. China Factory Sourcing help you to create contracts that protect your inter

Sales Contracts

When you place an order with a Chinese factory, you must have a detailed specific contract in place. Although these contracts my not be 100% legally binding, they will give you a great deal of leverage should any problems arise. They can be used as a reference if your factory tries to cut corners or change agreed production materials.

Remember these 5 things:

Sales Contract Specifics

There are a number of specific points to remember when creating a contract with a Chinese Factory. Here are some of what we believe are most the important to you.

This Should also include the factory address where the goods will be produced. It is not uncommon for factories to outsource production to smaller factories in their area. These factories may have lower standards and use cheaper materials than agreed. Having this included is very important if you should have any quality control issues later.

For example some electronic products may come with a 1 year warranty, but the internal battery may only be covered by a 3 month warranty.
You need to have all these details fully covered in your contract.

Why China Factory Sourcing and why contracts are vital



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