China Wholesalers

China Wholesalers

How to Choose Good Quality Products When Buying Wholesale from China?

Due to the nature of the business model, most dropshippers never see the product that they’re selling in person. Since you’re sourcing from across the ocean, ensuring that the product is good quality can be challenging.

Here are some techniques to help you order correctly and sell good quality products:

Place a detailed order

To get what you’ve ordered, you need to ensure that you actually order correctly and give your supplier all the details they need.

For instance, don’t just order 50 pieces of M-sized purple T-shirts, but give them the exact color code of the purple you want, and ask them for their size M measurements in inches or centimeters. Don’t forget to discuss or specify the material as well.

If you place an incorrectly explained order that’s not specific enough, you won’t have the grounds to ask for a return and refund. So, always make sure you’re as detailed as possible with your sourcing requests.

Read the product reviews

Next, don’t forget to read the product reviews. Often, the reviews from other buyers can give you precious information regarding the delivery time, conditions in which the items arrived, sizing or fit issues, and similar.

Look at user photos

When you’re reading all the user reviews, don’t forget to open the photos they’ve attached.

Often, the product can come looking completely different than on the listing photos. So, user photos can show you how the product looks without effects and photo editing.

Order a sample

And finally, the best and safest way to ensure your dropshipping product is of good quality is by ordering a sample before placing a bulk order.

Suppliers that sell wholesale and in bulk are familiar with the concept of samples, so some of them will even point that out in their listing. Often, they agree to send a sample at a discounted price.


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