Ten Reasons to Outsourcing Order Fulfillment in China

It is great to launch your retailing business online with products supplied from China, a world big and popular exporting country. But when it comes to the entire fulfillment process it may be not always so great. Fortunately there is a gro

It is great to launch your retailing business online with products supplied from China, a world big and popular exporting country. But when it comes to the entire fulfillment process it may be not always so great. Fortunately there is a growing of China ecommerce fulfillment company that allows sellers to outsource product receiving, inventorying, packing, and shipping. Good China fulfillment center is like e-retailers’ warehousing and shipping operation center in China, checking in products when they arrive from manufacturers or distributors; organizing and storing those products; and eventually fulfilling orders and ensuring that online shoppers get professional service.
Outsourcing order fulfillment could make great sense for overseas ecommerce with products delivered goods from China. Check out the ten reasons to utilize China ecommerce fulfillment company.
No warehouse cost:
Warehousing is a main part of fulfillment service. If you use ecommerce fulfillment service in china, there will be no need to building your own warehouse or rent an office to store the purchase in China, which could save the warehouse cost to large extent.
No additional employment:
When you outsourcing order fulfillment service in China, there will also no need for you to spend extra money and time to hire workers to manage inventory, pick and pack the items that you need to ship. Because all the chores will be got ready by them once an order generated from your customer.
More sales opportunity:
Managing warehouse by yourself can occupy you much precious time and energy to replenish, manage shelve, count stock, printing labels, sorting, packing and even shipping. Passing these complicate chores to China fulfillment center means you can abstract more time to grow new market and increase sales.
Seasonal flexibility:
As most retailing involves seasonal factor, which will lead to request for more space, tools and workers in the peer season while the less in low season. Outsourcing order fulfillment makes retailers have complete seasonal flexibility by passing the differences to third party. Besides, retailers can also choose the number of shelves and layers according to their business’s developing stage and develop with continuousness.
Lower shipping cost:
Shipping is a main business of china ecommerce fulfillment company. When your goods are distributed by its fulfillment team, you will be eligible for the extensive shipping options for your every single order. You can negotiate the best shipping choice for your special goods with favorable rate. And also be eligible for their high quality packing materials with price below the market average.
Speed up the fulfilling process:
Order fulfillment could be more timely and speedy operated by China ecommerce fulfillment company with its experienced and proficient team the moment you generated the order with customer. Additionally, parcel delivery service bond by China ecommercefulfillment service could also guarantee the first time and no turnaround delivery of the parcels to insure a good service for your customer.
Powerful software support:
Using China fulfillment center will qualify you to use its powerful inventory management system, which will act as a virtual warehouse of your company, where you can have a total control of the inventory dates from the comfort of your sofa or office overseas.
Convenient local communication:
Importing & buying goods from China while with body overseas? There existed an obstacle of communication caused by language and time zoo gap. However, if you outsourcing the warehouse and fulfillment service to China local fulfillment company, it will act as a good communicator with your Chinese supplier for you.
Guaranteed service:
Compared with investing your own warehouse management, outsourcing order fulfillment in China makes your items well secured by sophisticated equipments and experts, and eventually get compensate for any loss or damage of every single item.
Benefit outdated products:
Utilizing China fulfillment center could benefit the outdated products that you never expect to sell out again. Assume, there is a time your inventory has exceed the sale volume or some items are just out of fashion to sell out, you may considering to discard them. If the item is stored in your home country, the loss from the discard would cover both the item itself and it shipping rate from China to your country, while if they are stored in the original country China, the loss will be only the item itself. That can be a large save when the volume is big.
To sum up, utilizing ecommerce fulfillment service in china can be have a lot to offer small and middle-sized retailers.
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