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Direct From China Fulfillment Service

Our simple and efficient fulfillment service is ideal for online sellers of products that are manufactured in China. It makes excellent business sense to store your goods in China and only ship them out to your customers when you receive orders.
Warehousing and handling fees are much lower in China and this offers you:

If you sell online and ship you products to customers around the world, it is very impractical to import goods into your own and then distribute them. The idea of importing and storing your own products is becoming obsolete and impractical because most modern businesses are now talking about the global market. It is also not cost-effective to hire fulfillment centers in every country or region you sell to.
Using the old model you have to pay expensive freight and duties for importing the products in bulk. Not to mention the higher storage fees too. All these add up to increased costs and lower profits for your business. So if your:

Your solution is ... China Factory Sorcing's fulfillment services. We provide online merchants of all sizes with storage and shipping solutions in the worlds evolving marketplace.
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How It Works:
1. Warehousing & Storage

Sending Stock To Us

2. Pick & Pack

3. Shipping & Logistics

4. Payment


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