Quality Control

Quality control is a vital part of the importing process from China. We offer a range of services to ensure your products are of the standard required

Quality Control

Why you need a Quality Control program in China!

Speak to anyone who has experience of importing from China and you will soon learn the quality of the products is the most common problem. Buying from verified factories with quality certification is certainly no guarantee of getting quality products.
When you import from China you must have your own quality control program in place. If you don't you are just gambling with your money and the odds are you will eventually loose.
China factory sourcing offer quality control solutions that will fit you exact needs. We use a network of qualified quality control inspectors across China. Which means we can have an inspector at any factory in China within 24 hours. In this way you can learn of any problems early and get them sorted before you products are sent from the factory.
It is very common to hear of factories who substitute cheaper materials or put in smaller quantities of specified materials to save money and increase margins. Sometimes you might find that it is the factories first time to make this product, Chinese factories regularly change the products they manufacture to try and keep up with new and hot selling products. You could even find that a factory will try and pass off some rejected stock from a previous order onto you.
This is why quality control is absolutely essential when you import from China!

Important rules for QC in China

Its too late when the goods have been paid for and arrive in your country to suddenly realize there is a problem.

China Factory Sourcing – Quality Control Solutions

All goods exported by us will go through a basic quality control check before shipping. We can provide you with different levels of quality control depending on your requirements.

Q.C. Services explained

Level 1:We send a qualified inspector to your suppliers factory for an entire day (9am – 6pm). The inspector will perform a thorough examination to make sure your goods meet the exact specifications as outlined in you buyers contract. A full report will be forwarded to you on the completion of the inspection.
Once your goods have passed final inspection you will pay the remaining purchase balance of 70%. If there are any problems with your goods they will be rectified by the factory before payment is made.
What it Costs:  Level 1 service is free for orders over $25,000. The standard cost for orders below this is $175 USD per day.

Level 2:You will have an inspection early in the production run, then a second pre-shipment inspection after production is complete. This early production inspection allows you to detect potential problems quickly and have them resolved before your entire run of production is complete.

What it Costs: This is FREE for orders over $45,000 USD. For orders over $30,000 but less than $50,000 it costs an additional $179 USD. For orders less than $30,000 it costs $348 USD.

Senior Staff Inspection :A senior staff member from China Factory Sourcing will inspect your chosen factory for you on your behalf. Please contact us for more details.

What It Costs: $300 any time during your order

China Factory Sourcing work together with a network of quality control professionals, testing engineers and laboratories across China. Which means we can handle almost any product testing or quality control request you might have.

Using Approved Samples for Quality Control

One of the best and easiest ways to set your quality standards, is to have a production sample sent from the factory to you. This means production quality must equal the approved samples you have received from the factory.

Once you approve the quality of the sample you receive, it is then written into your contract and China Factory Sourcing will make it clear to the factory that all production samples should be of the standard of the approved sample.

Your quality control team can compare and test the actual production batch against your pre-approved sample.

We can have samples sent to our Shenzhen office first. In this way we can do an initial check on the quality of the samples before sending them onto you. A very common problem in China is getting a product sample which is actually a genuine production sample - not a one time, hand crafted sample. Or worse a product simply bought from another factory or store!



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