The DO’s and DON’Ts of Choosing a Logistics Provider

Choosing the right shipping and logistics provider can be tougher for uprising companies. Never do the shortcut, so if you may, research about it and know all about their services. Your business’s success depends on your logistics reliabil
The DO’s and DON’Ts of Choosing a Logistics Provider


The DO’s and DON’Ts of Choosing a Logistics Provider
Choosing the right shipping and logistics provider can be tougher for uprising companies. Never do the shortcut, so if you may, research about it and know all about their services. Your business’s success depends on your logistics reliability provider.

The DO’s:
To avoid the shipping nightmare and stresses, select the perfect logistics provider for your area.
1.  Reliability/ Dependability
         First, check the feedback of the consumers who uses such shipping companies, whether it’s a good feedback or not. Then check their various services and how fast they deliver. Do their truckload lanes originates from a number of shipping points and with limited number of consignees?
         Do they drop-shipped? Are their shipment time-sensitive? Do they offer Bonded Warehouse facilities like the China Factory Sourcing, where they provides short term or long term storage for all your needs.
Always check their clients feedbacks and you’re shipment is in good hands.
2. Customer’s Service Satisfaction

         Doing shipment is way too easier if they have a customer services agents that attends to all your inquiries. Check the logistics provider’s customer services by asking previous clients feedbacks or better yet, try to check on their website if their customer services is well dependable and fast. Also, inquire if they have a tracking services for you to track of the whereabouts of the items being shipped.
3. Companies Safety Record
         With all the shipments hassles, clients need to check the shipping company’s safety record, hence, feedback from their clients is a big help. You should transact with a strong logistics safety record for shipments so that all items with be handled carefully and reached their destinations.
4. Company Stability and Alliances
         As the past year, made a setback to shipping carriers with the bankruptcy of the Hanjin lines, shipping alliances comes to conquests. Thus, making their shipping empires stronger for the coming year. Be inform with all these merges as logistics companies acquire more and more companies for their alliances.
5. Company Reputation
         Investigate whether the provider has integrity and honour with a good client’s feedback. Their long range of services is a good point to ponder as to their reputations concerning their customer’s, their suppliers as well as their employees.
· How are their employees? Do they treat them well with benefits and bonuses?
· What are their online reviews? Is it a good or bad reviews?
· How about their customer services, is it fast and friendly and renders utmost clients satisfactions?
· Do they offer a discounted or lower shipping prices?
The DON’Ts:
1. Don’t forget to research
 Don’t forget to research other shipping companies and compare their shipping rates, it doesn’t always meant that lower rates renders better services, and higher rates has better services too? Do not be swayed by lower rates, it’s better to know and be inform of all the possible shipping options that best suits your shipping needs according to the location of the shipment to the destinations.
2. Don’t disregard the allowed shipping dimensions
         You should know the exact dimensions allowed for the shipment. Meeting the standards of your selected logistic company allows you to have a better quotes and an accurate one. Be mindful of the weight too, some carrier might refuse to ship your items if it’s too heavy and doesn’t met their standards.
3. Don’t shipped items that is forbidden
         Learn the rules of each shipping companies as to what and what’s not allowed to be ship. Check too what’s allowed to certain country of destinations. Some of the country has their own rules, so better check it first before shipping.
         Always be cautious of the safety of the package to be ship, the one handling or any parcels alongside your parcels. Avoid hazardous, poisonous and infectious substance to be shipped.
4.  Don’t ship your box that is not full
         Don’t ship your box that is not full because the items might get crushed and destroyed. The packaging plays an important role in the shipping process, the best option is to use a sturdy box. Make sure the items are protected and pack individually. If by any chance the box isn’t full, you may fill-up the empty spaces with clothes or any cushioning materials to prevent damages during shipment.
5. Don’t forget to indicate the relevant shipping details
         Don’t forget to indicate the shipping details of the receiver. Shipments success depends on the exact shipping details so that couriers can deliver at the exact address. Double check it properly and include the contact number of the shipper and receiver, so that couriers may contact if there are problems at the delivery.
Shipping and logistics is such a complicated platform but done easier if proper communications and tracking services with the proper shipping details is always encoded. Do think too that the shipping process doesn’t happen overnight, it always depend on the courier as to how fast and reliable they are. Do track your shipments and be patient, be mindful of the season too if its peak season, definitely, the arrival of the shipment is a bit delayed as to the expected delivery time due to high demand of shipments.  How it works? Choosing the right and professional team for your shipping and logistics they ensure you “get it right” from China Factory Sourcing. You may contact them at  for all inquiries and possible shipping partners for your businesses.


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