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It is now August, but some sellers are still worried about their inventory, which is burning with storage fees. Most merchants choose to eliminate inventory, end long-term storage fees, and minimize losses. But how to clear inventory is stil
It is now August, but some sellers are still worried about their inventory, which is burning with storage fees. Most merchants choose to eliminate inventory, end long-term storage fees, and minimize losses. But how to clear inventory is still a headache for most stores. Most people chose to use the power of the whole station to search the resources inside and outside the station, hoping to find the most suitable way to promote their products, today to share with you amazon clearance method.

First, Amazon backstage -- direct clearance

1. Qualifications of sellers and goods

On the Manage excess inventory page, you can see which items Amazon has recommended for the clearance program, based on buyer demand and other factors.

A message under the item's current price will show whether the item meets the clearance promotion requirements (by creating a clearance promotion submission) or clearance store requirements (by creating a sale submission).

To qualify for the clearance program, merchandise must:
(1) It is currently available for sale in amazon's operation center;
(2) Have a sales history on Amazon and a rating of at least 3 stars;
(3) New product status;
(4) Comply with Amazon's buyer review policy and price policy;
(5) Are not registered for the Subscription Province plan;

One caveat to Amazon's operations: Not all items that meet the requirements will receive clearance recommendations from Amazon. Amazon regularly evaluates ASIN eligibility, so the next day may not show the recommended items that the seller saw today. Items on a "clearance sale" will no longer be eligible for the clearance program for 90 days after the end of the sale.


The clearance fee is currently free, and Sellers operated by Amazon do not have to pay extra for clearance, but they do charge a standard shipping fee and a commission on sales.

3. Create clearance promotions

(1) Select "Inventory Planning" from the "Inventory" drop-down menu on the seller's platform, and then click the "Manage Redundant Inventory" TAB.
(2) Select "Create clearance promotion" from the drop-down menu to the right of the products that meet the requirements.
(3) In the popup window, enter the clearance promotion price in the box next to "Maximum Clearance promotion Price". The price must be less than or equal to the maximum price.
Note: The highest promotional price takes into account the lowest price charged by sellers offering new products. The maximum sale price may fluctuate if the item's current sale price changes prior to the start of the sale. Once the sale has begun, Amazon may cancel the sale if the item is sold for more than the maximum sale price.
(4) Check the start and end dates of the clearance sale.
(5) Click "Submit".

If amazon operates a seller's offer submitted correctly, the system will display a "clearance offer submitted successfully" message. If you see the message "maximum promotion price is $X", please change the promotion price so that it is less than or equal to the maximum promotion price.

Note: Not all clearance offers submitted will be approved. If the sale is approved, Amazon sends an email to the seller. Sellers are advised to check the seller's clearance sale report on the Friday after submitting the sale.

To find a report, select delivery from the report drop - down menu. It will appear in the list below sales on the left side of the page. Sellers operated by Amazon can access the report through the "Manage Redundant Inventory" page by clicking [check status in clearance Promotion report] under the price of submitted ASIN.

Second, multi-platform distribution

Publish product links on other cross-border e-commerce platforms for bulk cargo while selling on Amazon. As long as the seller pays more attention, the order will not be placed on this platform, but on another channel, other platforms will also be placed, and the cost of overseas warehouse will not be as high as the fee of Amazon FBA. Products can be shipped through removal order.

Third,Lighting Deals are on sale

A clearance sale is the most direct way to get rid of inventory quickly if amazon operates a seller's inventory that meets the criteria of instant death.


The hot-selling products are sold with the stock products. What should be noted here is that there should be no random collocation. There must be a certain correlation between the two commodities.

Fifth, social media, marketing website testing

You can use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media, have some English operation skills and basic SEO promotion knowledge, write product promotion copywriting attentively, choose to hang the chain on some websites with good traffic basis and better drainage effect.

Sixth, find someone to receive goods, for domestic sales

In the past unsalable inventory processing experience, looking for people to receive goods for domestic sales is the fastest effect, and many domestic buyers demand a larger gap. The seller can arrange the withdrawal of FBA unsalable inventory after signing the contract on the premise of negotiating the price in China.

Above is some ways for Amazon clearance, sellers can choose the corresponding treatment according to the actual situation, timely stop loss, but also to find some quality selection, sprint peak season!



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