DHL and Mytheresa have reached a strategic partnership agreement

Through its largest ever investment in DHL Express's GoGreen Plus program, Mytheresa emphasizes its ESG commitment and aims to provide a more sustainable shopping experience for its luxury customers in the future
DHL and Mytheresa have reached a strategic partnership agreement


Recently, DHL Express announced that it has signed a five-year strategic partnership agreement with Mytheresa, one of the global luxury e-commerce platforms, for its new GoGreen Plus service. By using sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) instead of traditional fuels, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced. Mytheresa will invest millions of euros in GoGreen Plus within 5 years. This is the largest investment by European DHL Express customers in this service to date, with a contract term of 5 years, and a long-term commitment to sustainable development.

It is estimated that investment in GoGreen Plus will lead Mytheresa to reduce its international transportation related carbon dioxide emissions within 5 years.

It is reported that GoGreen Plus was launched by DHL Express in 2023, using carbon dioxide embedding and SAF to help customers reduce carbon dioxide emissions related to their shipments. The implementation of GoGreen Plus partially benefited from the three largest contracts signed by SAF with BP, Neste, and World Energy. SAF is produced from alternative raw materials with sustainable energy characteristics, including waste edible oil, corn, waste, and hydrogen. Traditional carbon intensive aviation fuels or kerosene are derived from crude oil.

GoGreen Plus is part of DHL Group's goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050. About 90% of the company's carbon footprint comes from its aviation network, and sustainable air transportation solutions are crucial for creating greener logistics operations.


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