TikTok Japan Market Report for 2021-2022

TikTok, with a billion daily lives worldwide, is reshaping the behavior of Japanese users (consumers) while instructing people everywhere on how to have fun at home.

Under the epidemic, "home economy" takes off, and games, home furnishing, gardening, fitness (indoor) and other categories become the "top flow" (other than groceries) among the popular categories of e-commerce overnight. In Japan, an island country surrounded by the sea, "otaki" has already broken through the seal that people are social animals and become the "national economy" with a golden name.

TikTok, with a billion daily lives worldwide, is reshaping the behavior of Japanese users (consumers) while instructing people everywhere on how to have fun at home. This reading of the trend on TikTok's Japanese site will give sellers some ideas.

1. Food & drinks

The category of food & beverage was hotly discussed by The Japanese people in the statistical period, especially TikTok. Food & beverage belongs to the type of popular videos. The number of videos about homemade simple meals and re-carving Michelin star dishes soared, and the food videos related to restaurant dining and outdoor picnic accounted for the majority.

The popularity of the food & beverage category also reflects how TikTok users are responding to new trends. #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt became a new phenomenon, where food and drink products on the platform immediately sold out of stores. The number of TikTok users buying the products they see on TikTok soared in 2021, and many of the year's more unexpected trends came from the food and beverage industry.

Several of TikTok's hottest trends in 2021 are related to food and drinks, with Japanese netizens flocking to restaurants to find food on TikTok, users watching the process liked the "taste of the cloud". #グ Miku (#gummy) is one of the hottest food & beverage trends of 2021, with video views up by 914% and posts up 231%. Trolli Planet Gummi (called "Planet Gummi" or "Chikyu-Gummy") was a huge hit and quickly sold out. Food and beverage companies have seized on this trend, and ASMR (the sound of chewing food, the sound of falling rain, the people who like to play these music as white noise) have helped related types of UP players reap a wave of popularity.

Brand case

Pepper Lunch is one of Japan's best-known "fast food steak" chains. However, affected by the epidemic, people can not go out to eat or eat in public, many people miss Pepper Lunch into disease, but a little knowledge of the cuisine makes them retreat. When some UP users figured out the ingredients and practices of Pepper Lunch's beef and Pepper rice and other signature dishes and shared them with TikTok, they got crazy praise and viral messages from users. Coupled with catchy BGM, more and more users joined in this trend.

TikTok users have shown great interest in food & drinks. By developing "visually exploding" menus, brands can create gimmicks to attract attention. In the Internet, food and drinks are more like decorations and decorations, and it is also very important to find points that fit users' lifestyles. This means that brands need to be able to cater to the hottest trends in the market while creating a sense of beauty, and present themselves with a "good look, good smell".

2. News & Entertainment

In 2021, TikTok became the "debut" stage for new musicians, and many grassroots artists turned into major label artists. TikTok offers emerging artists a chance to be discovered and heard, and it's also the place where they make their first bucket of gold. This community, stacked with trust, ideals and love, is using music to send a positive message.

In 2021, the musical topic headed by # skarや ヤ Random SKarashiko (#IyaYabaiDesho or #OMG) became widely popular on TikTok, even being nominated for the "TikTok Trend Word Award 2021". MatsudaKeNoNichijo (@Matsudake), a #IyaYabaiDesho veteran, has seen more than 20K+ posts surrounding his original rap songs. Many popular songs, such as "Yowanehaki" and "Goodbye Declaration", have been sampled or borrowed in the past. As for other forms of entertainment, TikTok videos that use the sound effects of popular TV shows have been hugely popular in Japan. Memes based on Japanese manga and anime are especially popular among young people.

Brand case

The audio, created by @matsudake, uses the catchphrase 'Yabai-desho' (which means OMG) with a catchy beat that has become a meme among young people. Brainwashed melodies and simple lyrics are the basic formula for a hit song. As mentioned in this case, associating songs and buzzwords with trends can attract users to new music trends, and thus expand the brand.

3.beauty & a care

In 2021, beauty was given a new definition, as beauty and facial products became popular on TikTok. More important than the diversity of beauty recognized by the audience and the expansion of the audience of beauty & personal care products is that more and more people turn to TikTok to share and learn beauty skills.

The feed ads that suggest you and the comments section below the UP main video are all active Spaces where users flock together. TikTok has seen an explosion of beauty and grooming videos as users exchange insights and share tips on skin care and makeup, from the personal feel of products to the location of shopping, by creating a friendly and inclusive environment for conversation.

Brand case

DROAS, a small clay beauty brand in Japan, made a quick decision to use the trend to get users involved in the topic after observing that beauty and beauty products became a hot trend on TikTok. DROAS's main approach involves getting enough users to give feedback on their experiences with the product and inviting TikTok's beauty tsar to pitch the product. DROAS sales increased 150% when combined with topical campaigns and ads.


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