TEMU has risen rapidly to become the world's second-largest e-commerce giant

In December 2023, data released by SimilarWeb showed that the number of unique visitors to TEMU r

In December 2023, data released by SimilarWeb showed that the number of unique visitors to TEMU reached 467 million, which was equal to AliExpress and ranked second in the world. Amazon ranked first with 2.659 billion users, and SHEIN ranked third with 172.3 million users.

However, just six months ago, in June 2023, TEMU ranked fourth in the world with 226.3 million users. At the time, TEMU ranked ahead of Amazon (2.345 billion), Aliexpress (421.8 million users) and SHEIN (251.3 million users).

Overall, TEMU has attracted nearly 241 million new users in just six months, doubling its total user base. TEMU's rapid rise is largely due to its strategy of focusing on low-priced products. On its website, users can find backpacks for as little as ?4, wireless headphones for as little as ?5 and coats for as little as ?14.

Recently, TEMU has once again attracted attention and launched a new initiative. Although the Spring Festival is a traditional holiday, many cross-border sellers usually take a break during this time. However, TEMU chose to launch the "Spring Festival is not closed, business is guaranteed" activity during the Spring Festival, aiming to snatch overseas traffic. According to some of the details of the event, sellers who participate in the event will enjoy the platform's traffic support and inventory priority after the year. These include entering the homepage area of the platform, giving priority to advertising products, and signing up for special Spring Festival activities.

The activity requires participating sellers to discount according to the promotion requirements of New Year activities, and ensure adequate inventory during the Spring Festival. It is worth noting that this event does not cover all platforms, and sellers need to register themselves. Once the registration is successful, the seller's entire store will participate in the "open" activity. For TEMU sellers, a reasonable way to deal with such a situation includes preparing in advance according to production recommendations and ensuring that there is sufficient stock for sale during the Chinese New Year period. In addition, for hot or hot-selling products, sellers need to stock up in advance during the Spring Festival, because during this period, Chinese factories and some logistics services may suspend operations.

In terms of new product development, it may be too late to launch a "Spring Festival" or "Valentine's Day" product. As a result, TEMU sellers can use the time during the Spring Festival period to develop summer products and get ready for hot summer single items. Finally, TEMU has high requirements for delivery efficiency during the Chinese New Year holiday. If the seller's shipment is judged to be false, the seller may face the corresponding penalty, so it needs to be handled carefully.

After successfully going abroad, TEMU has developed rapidly and is confident about its future development. TEMU has set a 2024 GMV target of $30 billion, more than double that of 2023 ($14 billion). Although TEMU faces stiff competition from its peers and a poor platform reputation, the "Chinese New Year Open" event may just be the beginning of TEMU's 2024.


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