5 Ways Mode of Transportation in Global Logistics You Can Choose

Which is the best mode of transportation? When planning to source product or exports products, the shipping process should be planned accurately. The modes of transportation is very important in the shipping process, aside from the Costs, th
5  Ways Mode of Transportation in Global Logistics You Can Choose



Which is the best mode of transportation? When planning to source product or exports products, the shipping process should be planned accurately. The modes of transportation is very important in the shipping process, aside from the Costs, the urgency of delivery of the shipment, the size, weight and value of goods are to be evaluated as to determining what mode of transportation to use.

Mode of Transportation:


1. Air Freight

         To meet the demand in the growth of air cargo, it is forecasted to grow an average of 4.8 % yearly. Air Freight is a critical mode of transport that serves markets and supply chains at a speed.Intra-Asia is forecasted to increase at an average of 6.5% annually. Air Transport carries 72% of cargo between Europe and Asia, 43% between Europe and North America. Globally Air Freight fleet is expected to grow from 1,690 planes in 2013 to 2,730 by 2033. Airlines based in Europe, Asia and North America account comprises 90% of total air freight.

At the time, when most computer manufacturers uses transports by the sea because it is much cheaper, Steve Jobs decided to use air freight with an innovative strategy, paid $50 Million to buy all holiday air freight space to ensure iMac’s consumers will have their gadget at Christmas season. Giving them a massive competitive advantage from their rivals.

         Perishable goods such as flowers, foods and pharmaceutical uses air freight, they take advantage of the shorter transit time with less handling of cargo prevents less damage or being smuggled.

         Air Freight has its own limitations, aside as being a bit more expensive, they have a certain size and weight limitation.

Advantages in using Air Freight includes

·         Quicker Transit

·         Minimal Handling of Cargo

·         Arrival and Departure Tracking

·         Less Documentation

·         Intensified level of Security


2. Sea Freight


         Sea Freight’s global value is $54 billion and increasing. It is less expensive mode of transport but takes a longer transit time. Size and weight is not an issue here, larger odd-shapeditems like engines and propellers are allowed here. Bulk commodities such as Agri-products, iron ore and even crude oil and petroleum has been delivered by ocean freights.

         Ocean Freight environmentally impacted on a greener transportation from air freight and carries a higher capacity than the later one.


Advantages of Sea Freight include

·         There are multiple carrier options for shippers to choose from

·         Globally, widely operations

·         Environmentally, greener mode of transport

·         Larger capacity/volumes of cargo can be shipped

·         Size and weight is not an issue, they catered all product ranges from small to large one, even bulk and heavy products such as minerals, metals steels etc


3. Road Freight


         Road Freight is mostly used mode of transport, widely used among continents connecting like in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. It provides a quicker access to small couriers that has a location in some remote areas, making a quick delivery for consumers in remote areas accessible to suppliers to send products or receives. Like for example, the International tracking from China provided by China Factory Sourcing, can also be available to other countries in the South East Asia like Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. See full details to their services, contact Service@chinafactorysourcing.com or call them at +86 755 83727024 for a faster transaction.

Advantages of Road freight includes:

·         Door- to- door delivery

·         Delivers to Remote Areas

·         Cost Effective

·         Can be tracked, uses a Tracking system

4. Rail Transport


         Another greener mode of transport is The Rail Transport. The Trains burns fuel per tons of mile and uses only one driver as to how many wagons needed per transport. When needed to source products from China, these can now be arranged by China Factory Sourcing Shipping Made Easy from China to Your Doorstep, ISO Freight containers from China has been used since 2015 to the port of Rotterdam, a much quicker way than the Sea. It is now been widely used routes by multinational companies such as Ricoh and Hewlett-Packard.

Advantages of Rail Freight includes:

·         Quicker and reliable delivery

·         Faster and cost effective

·         Railroads are the most efficient mode of transport

·         No road congestions/traffics

5. Multimodal Transport

         Multimodal Transport is using a combination of various modes of transportation such as road, rail, sea that allows customers to cost effectively manage their shipments from suppliers to clients, ensuring the ultimate care and efficient way. There are a few providers that uses cross region rail network with international trucking like DHL, and UPS that uses China’s Silk Road network. Sea-Air is another example too that uses multimodal transport and considered to be less expensive and quicker than ocean service.

If you want to arrange a multimodal transport with bonded warehouses for storages, you may try China Factory Sourcing services, they will arrange and negotiate anything for you from finding suppliers to negotiating quotations, to storage warehouses and even all the documents needed for sourcing products. You may contact Service@chinafactorysourcing.com for all your inquiries.

Advantages of Multimodal Transport includes:

·         Efficient and cost- effective delivery options

·         Cargos are moved from any part of the world, using a different mode of transport

·         Quicker Delivery from manufacturers to consumers

·         Customers can use a medium to handle all their transport documents into one, like China Factory Sourcing can do, they arrange everything for you, see Shipping Made Easy from China to Your Doorstep


Choosing the right mode of transportation for goods is now easily done when you have the right carriers to handle all you shipments. It has an advantages and disadvantages, so you better carefully choose what kind of transport you will use, check the availability of such carriers according to the location. Prioritize you needs and compare costs when planning to choose your shipments. If you have no time to look unto what couriers or how to contact suppliers in China, kindly check China Factory Sourcing, and they will handle all your shipments at ease and delivered right at your doorstep or deliver it for you to your clients.



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